(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
adj. clumsy, ungraceful, ungainly; gauche; embarrassing. See unskillfulness, difficulty. Ant., adroit, dexterous.
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Unskillful]
Syn. clumsy, inept, maladroit, ungainly, uncoordinated, gawky, ungraceful, unskillful, bungling, fumbling, floundering, stumbling, lacking dexterity, inexpert, unskilled, unhandy, unpolished, gauche, stiff, graceless, bumbling, blundering, uncouth, inexperienced, incompetent, rusty, unused to, green, amateurish, butterfingered*, all thumbs*, cloddish*, clodhopping*, botchy*, with two left feet*, left-handed*, hamhanded*, klutzy*.
Ant. graceful*, dexterous, smooth.
2. [Inconvenient]
Syn. unwieldy, cumbersome, ponderous, inconvenient, incommodious, disagreeable, cramped; see also heavy 1 , uncomfortable 2 .
3. [Embarrassing]
Syn. inconvenient, inopportune, touchy, delicate; see embarrassing .
4. [Uncomfortable]
Syn. ill at ease, embarrassed, out of place, self-conscious; see ashamed , uncomfortable 1 .
Syn.- awkward implies unfitness for smooth, easy functioning and has the broadest application of the terms here, suggesting ungracefulness, unwieldiness, inconvenience or embarrassment [ an awkward dancer, implement, step, position, silence ] ; clumsy , emphasizing stiffness or bulkiness, suggests a lack of flexibility, dexterity, or adroitness, unwieldiness or tactlessness [ a clumsy build, clumsy galoshes, a clumsy apology ] ; maladroit and inept both imply tactlessness in social relations, maladroit often emphasizing this as a tendency and inept stressing inappropriateness of a particular act or remark [inept praise ] ; inept can also refer to general lack of skill or competence
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
1. clumsy bumbling, oafish, ungraceful, bungling, ungainly, maladroit, inept, *klutzy, blundering.
2. unwieldy cumbersome, bulky, ponderous.
3. uncomfortable embarrassing, inappropriate, untimely, thorny, delicate, trying, ticklish.
ANT.: 1. coordinated, graceful. 2. handy, convenient. 3. appropriate, relaxing, smooth
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective 1. Lacking dexterity and grace in physical movement: clumsy, gawky, graceless, inept, lumpish, maladroit, ungainly, ungraceful. Slang: klutzy. Idiom: all thumbs. See ABILITY. 2. Clumsily lacking in the ability to do or perform: bumbling, clumsy, gauche, heavy-handed, inept, maladroit, unskillful. See ABILITY. 3. Characterized by inappropriateness and gracelessness, especially in expression: ill-chosen, inappropriate, inept, infelicitous, unfortunate, unhappy. See ABILITY, GOOD. 4. Difficult to handle or manage: bulky, clumsy, ungainly, unhandy, unmanageable, unwieldy. See EASY. 5. Characterized by embarrassment and discomfort: constrained, uncomfortable, uneasy. See FEELINGS.

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